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Choosing Single Glazed Windows for Your House
Choosing Single Glazed Windows for Your House

Choosing Single Glazed Windows for Your House

Are you looking to install, repair or replace single pane windows? If you are, then you should know there are different types available to you. This is why it is important to choose the right one for your need so that you can save your money and time. However, homeowners hardly want to install single-glazed units in Bloomsbury as they are not energy-efficient like double-glazed ones. If you stay in an old house and have single-glazed windows, then the glazing experts can offer effective solutions for your need.

Benefits of single glazing windows

  • Inexpensive option for the ones if you have a limited budget
  • If you stay in hot climate, then heat retention is not a major concern. Thus, you can manage easily with single glazing in Tower Hill.

How to replace damaged or broken single glazed windows

Single pane glass may break easily than other kinds of window units. However, they can be fixed quickly and are less expensive. If your window glass has broken, contact experienced glaziers who will respond to your need immediately, even after working hours. These professionals possess great expertise in cutting glass of almost all shapes and sizes for perfect fit and convenience. This means your valuable glass will be replaced within a few hours. If the broken window glass cannot be repaired or replaced, our glaziers will board the window securely for your safety.

How you can strengthen single glazed windows

Single glazed windows in Covent Garden can be strengthened in cost-efficient ways than actually replacing them with double-glazed units. The economical solution is to affix a plastic glazing film over the glass. This will prevent the glass from getting shattered, however it decreases the lucidity of glass. Another option is to replace the single glass pane with laminated option that consists of two pieces of glass bonded together with a sheet of laminate. The advantage is that laminated glass cannot break easily and you may place metal bars over the windows for protection though it will depreciate the overall appearance of your house. The ultimate choice is to install secondary glazing to the present windows. The end result is quite similar to double-glazed units without replacing the entire window.

You may visit United Glaziers where the experts can help in installing and replacing single glazed units. We also ensure the safety and protection of your valuable property by repairing damaged glass and fitting the right shape as per the need.